We work with you, not for you

What clients say​

Afzal Mangal - Deutsche Telekom​

I needed a flexible team within Deutsche Telekom that can and is willing to change quickly, and that also applies to the suppliers. You are more than a supplier, I see and experience us as one team.​
Afzal Mangal

Hi and welcome to Th[is] is Development! Let’s start our co-creation by getting to know you and your business. We invite you to share the story of your business, processes, and goals. And of course your questions and ideas too! We keep the tech talk low and the small talk high. That’s a promise.


Team up the techies

Let’s feed the tech team with your needs, budget, and desired timeline. Our technical manager questions you to get to the bottom of what we can do for you. The business manager sets up a project mandate and presents it to the dedicated team of experts. Together they gear up for the next step in the project: the business analysis.


Analyse the business

Know where to go. We take a close look at your business processes, technology, and possibilities. The technical manager will draft you a quote, based on your needs and wants. We compile the project team with the talents that best fit your project and business. And we are good to go!


Kick off the project

With a good understanding of your ambitions, we set up a kick-off session. The dedicated team discusses the purpose of the project, the stakeholders, the objectives, the scope, and the timeline. Any final questions are answered and the first sprint is planned.


Create sprint after sprint

Scrum is a concept for development based on short sprints. Embracing scrum gives us the flexibility to continuously adjust development to wishes and feedback. We strongly believe in co-creation and involve clients throughout the entire journey. That keeps business objectives, technology, and the experience aligned right to the finish.


Set up management and support

A great website or app is nothing without a reliable IT infrastructure. That is why we keep a close eye on infrastructure development. Continuously we monitor systems, patch servers, and update tools. By setting up management and support, you can build on topnotch support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Look ahead

The only constant is change. And we want to make sure your business is ready for it. We screen your digital backbone and suggest improvements. Think of faster and safer delivery of new software. Or a better update regime. Making your infrastructure future-fit frees up time to focus on your core business.

Custom web applications
API development
Infrastructure development
Portal development
Data integration
24/7 support