JULY 2021


A little crazy is more fun

Their culture is their success. Veneta has a fast-growing team with a passion for what they do. They have a heart for their work and each other. Veneta is quirky, flexible, and they have guts. Those are the ingredients for the success of And they are proud of that.

LinkedIn #9 fastest growing startup

Veneta is the #9 fastest growing startup according to LinkedIn. They have grown by doing a little better every day. Veneta says they make mistakes and learn from them. They don’t have fixed habits. No “we’ve always done it this way”. At Veneta they strive for the very best, for their customers and for theirselves.

Why they do what they do

Veneta believes it can be done differently. Easier. Cheaper. They don’t believe in expensive retail properties and other intermediaries. Their factory delivers directly to the customer. This way saves a lot of costs and that is reflected in the price, without the quality suffering. They want to be accessible to everyone, without exception. For the webshop customer, the advisor customer and the people with two left hands. For everybody. As long as the customers are satisfied, they are too.

Brand values


They do it their way. They have guts, persevere, and have ambition. No matter how fast they grow, they remain themselves. They fall, get up, fall and get up again. And that getting up, that has brought them where they are now.


Veneta is flexible in any situation. They change along with the market, with developments and with the wishes of the customer. They have respect and empathy, listen and provide the customers with the best service.

Improve continuously

Veneta sets the bar high and exceed themselves to give the customer a great experience. Veneta does what they are good at: making custom window decoration accessible to everyone in the Netherlands and Belgium with a lot of fun.

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