JULY 2021

Visual vacancies that appeal to the target group

Save time and money, hire the right talent. Spielwork creates vacancies that manage expectations. The result: 66% lower marketing costs per hire and 112% higher quality of applicants.

The results

Discover what a job really means. Vacancies without sales pitches.

Honest employer brand

Spielwork thinks from the perspective of the candidate. Employers who work with them are honest about the content of their jobs and corporate culture. This creates an employer brand to be proud of.

More efficiency, fewer mis-hires

Marketing efficiency: 140% more conversion, 450% more engagement, 66% lower marketing cost per hire. Hiring efficiency: 112% higher quality of applicants, 90% more hires.

Employees that suits

Large-scale research into 'realistic job previews' shows that realistic vacancies significantly reduce the chance of a costly miss-hire.

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