JULY 2021


1.4 million motorcyclist in the Netherlands but 55% no longer owns a motorcycle

Motorcycle owners average only 3,000 km per year. As a result, countless motorcycles are in the garage most days of the year, more than half of motorcyclists do not own a motorcycle. That should be slimmer.

With MotoShare they make motorcycling more fun and more accessible

Through the MotoShare website, mutual bikes can be shared within a close-knit community. This way you can rent a wide variety of motorcycles cheaply & personally, directly from private owners. Do you own a motorcycle? Renting is safe and WA Fully Casco (All-risk) insured. You determine the rental price and decide who can rent your motorcycle and when. We make it easy.

Easy, affordable and a huge variety

MotoShare is the online platform where motorcycle enthusiasts can safely rent and rent-out motorcycles in a close-knit community. They are live in The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France. Check out the website for a motorcycle nearby. Ride safe!

Brand values

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