JULY 2021

""What I’m most proud of that we’ve accomplished together has to be the Xpress platform. I support it 100% and we have really created something beautiful. I'm proud of it, and you can be too! It's a great accomplishment and a great collaboration that we all worked hard on."

About Friesland Campina and their love of milk

The story of FrieslandCampina and their relationship with milk began in 1871. This was the year farmers decided to join forces in local cooperative dairy factories. By doing so, they could strengthen their market position and ensure sales of their milk. Today, FrieslandCampina is one of the world’s largest dairy companies. Every day, they provide millions of consumers all over the world with valuable nutrition from milk. Not only in the form of milk itself, but with a wide variety of dairy products..

Their Purpose, Their Plan

FrieslandCampina has branches in 38 countries and exports to more than one hundred countries worldwide. The purpose of FrieslandCampina is nourishing by nature. In everything they do, they strive to provide better nutrition for the world and a good living for our farmers, now and for generations to come. This is the guiding compass and the foundation of their strategy: Our Purpose, Our Plan.

Our combined DNA

Cooperation and co-creation is in our DNA. We work together with partners and create coalitions with third parties and customers in order to collectively add value. FrieslandCampina and This is Support & This is Development believe that working together enlarges and accelerates our innovative strength. This way we contribute to developing new standards for our sector that over the long term offers better solutions to a wider public throughout the world. For us, this “cooperative sustainability” is a key pillar of our partnership.




Friesland Campina


Tom Parmentier
Digital Marketeer

"The hosting platform that we developed is a scalable, up and coming solution for FrieslandCampina worldwide. We host different CMS systems on the platform with frameworks and programming languages. We provide 24/7 support on the IT infrastructure and code, monitor to prevent issues and develop and improve the techniques, functionalities and capacity of the platform both horizontally and vertically on the tech axis."

The challenge of Friesland Campina​

FrieslandCampina and This is Support got in touch through a mutual vendor. The main challenge RFC faced was that their current IT landscape was heavily fragmented. Decentralization of hosting platforms led to sites being hacked, ownership being removed and domains getting lost. They had a lot of websites, campaigns, applications that were developed by many different parties and they had all made various hosting solutions. Everything was isolated, not centralized, not linked, it was a mess and there was no overview.

Were our companies met

FrieslandCampina wanted a central hosting platform with the right policies, guidelines, and everything poured into one structure. Their challenge was to build a solid platform that could put websites live in no time, and host websites worldwide in a safe, user-friendly and easy to work with way. We manage the entire IT infrastructure by using pipelines, Kubernetes, AWS services, infrastructure by code and 24/7 support.

Were our companies met

We made contact around October 2018. We then took over the old ‘Proof of Concept’ from another company. We verified this and analyzed what is good and what could be improved. Then we started building and the first websites were transferred. We went live in February 2019 and gradually expanded. More functionalities were added and more sites were onboarded. In the first year we went from zero to a hundred sites on the hosting platform.

The gains in the process

The platform should be built for any developer, regardless of level and experience. It had to be a specific and generic platform. It had to be a one size fits all solution for the entire organisation, both nationally and internationally. With the hosting platform, we ensure that they have a template where they know exactly how to build a website or application. We now manage many systems on the platform such as Craft, Drupal, Laravel based applications, Symfony, Magento, Pimcore, Prestashop, WordPress and static websites on html and php.

The solution and future

FrieslandCampina’s request was to develop a single hosting platform on which multiple websites and applications all over the world run. A specific and generic platform has been built which is used worldwide in different countries. The hosting platform that This is Support and Development has developed is the standard hosting platform for FrieslandCampina worldwide. We are now building websites all over the world in places like Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, America and Brazil. We provide 24/7 support on the IT infrastructure and code, develop and improve the techniques, functionalities and capacity of the platform both in breadth and depth.

Benefits and successes

FrieslandCampina has switched from all separate websites, platforms and techniques to a central hosting platform on which all websites and applications run and are monitored. The biggest benefit for FrieslandCampina is the money they save with the hosting platform. Currently, the cost to host 147 sites is double the cost of what it used to cost to host just one site. This has saved FrieslandCampina a lot of money and gives it room to grow further. There is more control over what happens, if websites are leaked we are quick to respond. Now that there is one platform where everything can be viewed and managed, we can quickly respond to or prevent situations.
"I work with very capable people at This is Support and This is Development. In my time working at an agency I always said that I don't want my engineers to do what I ask. You should never do what a customer asks, you have to think, if a customer asks, you find out what the underlying question is and you do research. You are very customer-oriented, but you also think along."

The reason to collaborate

We have done a first pilot with the Proof of Concept. and now want to build a Minimum Viable Platform (MVP). That is why we reached out to This is Support. During the first meeting I already realized that there was a lot of knowledge and expertise. Wesley, one of the founders, had a good idea to meet our business challenge. That was the quickstart of our very close collaboration.

The right fit

What I really like is that I work with very capable people at This is Support and This is Development. In my time working at an agency I always said that I don’t want my engineers to do what I ask. You should never do what a customer asks, you have to think, if a customer asks, you find out what the underlying question is and you do research. I noticed that at This is Support and Development, you are very customer-oriented, but you also think along. I don’t want yes-men because people like that destroy the platform. We look at the needs and the question is how do we deal with them. The main thing is that you have to grow people who think along with you about the concept that stands and how this concept can continue to grow and how we are going to steer it in the right direction. The company finds a lot of things as important as I do. The co-operation and direct communication is top notch, I am definitely a satisfied customer.

The achieved milestones​

Today we have 147 websites running on the platform. That is a lot, there are few companies in NL that have so many websites running on one platform. We are going to build a business portal where we can provide the owners with information. 3 years ago I had no insight into the availability of a website. I didn’t know who to call or which agency was behind it. There was no control or visibility at all. Now with the 147 websites I can tell you exactly what the availability is. It is well-organized with an average uptime of 99.9!

Start co-creating with Th[is] is Support & Th[is] is Development​

I would recommend you for the full 100%, there are very few parties that can set up and maintain this. It goes and stands with the people who work there, you employ very capable people and that sets a certain standard that is very, very high. I can leave anything to you and it is done well. If you ask me where I’m really proud of what you’ve done over the years, it’s the hosting platform. We have really created something beautiful. It is constantly evolving to make it better and faster. I’m proud of it, and you can be extremely proud of that too. It is a great accomplishment, it is a great collaboration in which we all worked very hard. Thinking along in features to speed up the process and save costs, that’s what’s great about our collaboration. It is really co-creation, everyone takes their responsibility and puts their passion and time into it. It is a collaboration because together we ensure that this continues to grow!

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