JULY 2021


There was nothing between the car and the bicycle

Bicycles and scooters are very useful, until you need more. More seats, more space, more capacity… Electric cargo bikes are the solution, especially now that people can rent them. Cargoroo makes it cheap, easy, environmentally conscious and actually a lot of fun to take more.

The electric cargo bike that you rent nearby

Leave your car and jump on the e-cargo bike. The pedal assistance makes every trip a breeze. Do your shopping, go to the hardware store or even go to the beach with your family. Cargoroo wants everyone to have an electric cargo bike in their neighborhood, so they make sure you can find them throughout the city.

Electric cargo bikes changed my life

Jelle Maijer - Founder

“Two years ago we bought an electric cargo bike ourselves. A hefty investment, but perhaps our best ever: it changed our lives. Car use became increasingly frustrating, while the need for those trips remained. But now we could easily reach all corners of the city and we no longer did the shopping every day, but every week. And we lent the bicycle more and more, even to entrepreneurs. So a plan settled in our heads that would never go away. And led to Cargoroo…”


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