API development

The digital revolution promised the free flow of data between platforms and applications. The reality… is still quite different. It takes a good API to fetch data from one source and feed it into the next. If you are serious about growing your business let’s get a bit more serious about APIs.
Accelerate your business with better access to critical data.

The Awkward Painful Interface

In a perfect world, an API makes it easy to fetch data from an application and use it to drive other software. Often the API is not so easy to use. Getting the data becomes a real pain for data analysts and other users. Many organizations try to get around a bad API with third-party web services to fetch the data before they can run important business queries. And that creates additional costs and security risks.

Data flowing freely creates opportunities

Despite a lot of bad examples, investing in a good API is still a smart idea. An API simplifies the integration of new components into an existing architecture. That boosts collaboration across teams. Businesses can adapt faster to changing markets and new tools can change an entire industry with a single app. APIs provide flexibility, simplify design, and provide opportunities for innovation.

APIs done right

Th[is] is Development has extensive experience in creating APIs that do work. A clever API helps you to support the rapid deployment of innovative services. Because APIs simply provide data, there are no limits on how a company can use that data, including legacy systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Take cloud applications for example. They will greatly increase development speed but rely on connecting a microservices application architecture through APIs.