Th[is] is work

Are you looking for a nice place to routinely complete support tickets and a suited-up boss to tell you what to do? We recommend you Google ‘boring IT jobs’ and get on your way. Th[is] more than just a company. Th[is] is doing what feels right for our customers and ourselves. We don’t offer you a job, but a stage to get on and take ownership. We are not good at hierarchy, but we excel at delivery.

This is work

Th[is] more than just a company. Th[is] is doing what feels right for our customers and ourselves. We don’t offer you a job, but a stage to get on and take ownership. We are not good at hierarchy, but we excel at delivery. Delivering exceptional work while cracking jokes about your colleagues is how we roll. We don’t expect people to fit the perfect picture, suit up or stand down. But we do challenge you to deliver outstanding work without being anyone but yourself

This is getting bigger

Th[is] is growing with a bigger client portfolio and more like-minded digital brains. Our business is evolving into a platform where clients and employees exchange knowledge and insights daily. The digital heartbeat improves our services and… beefs up the fun too.

This is what you bring

This is what you get

Let's do this, step by step

Th[is] focus on outcomes instead of processes. We believe your experience should be collaborative and enjoyable. Your attributes, credibility and attitude mean more to us than your pedigree. The bottom line? We are always looking for new faces to join our band, take ownership in their field and give you a stage to learn and grow. That’s it. It’s in our DNA. See what’s needed to become a Th[is] team member.

The first awareness, your apply

We want to know you. Send us your curriculum vitae and tell us why you want to work at our company. Show us what makes you special and why you will fit our company culture and in our dedicated team. Within five workdays you will know whether we are inviting you for an interview. Why five workdays? Because your application deserves the same amount of attention that you’ve put into it.

Hello, how are you

Let’s start our co-creation by getting to know you and your ambitions. We invite you to share your personal story, your dreams and most of all why you want to join our team. And of course we will do the same! During the phone call we will plan our first (online) meeting and we can already answer all your pressing questions. We keep the tech talk low and the small talk high, we want to know you – we will save the rest for the first application round.

Virtual meeting time

During the first (online) meeting we get to know each other. We will discuss your CV and the skills you need for the position. We will discuss your experiences in the past, your preferences, your strengths and your ambitions. That way we find out if you are the enthusiastic professional we are looking for. And more importantly – whether the position suits what you are looking for.

The second conversation

Was there a click? Then we would like to invite you for a second interview. Sometimes we will ask you to make an online assessment in advance. This could be a capacity test or a possible business case. The results of this will be fed back by one of the founders in the second meeting. In this conversation we will also talk more extensively about the content of the position, the team and of course about you.

Mutual love

Two conversations are good enough to get a good picture for us. Is the positive feeling mutual? Then we would like to make you an offer, consisting of a suitable salary and our terms of employment. Do you agree with the offer and have you signed the contract? As a new Th[is] team member you will get to know all the ins and outs of our company during the informative onboarding. And of course; welcome to Th[is]!

Ready, set, GO!

You’re now on board and ready to start your Th[is] journey. At Th[is] we work with a 30-day onboarding process. We use the first part of these days to introduce you to the company and to introduce the company to you. Then comes information about the job – where you will work with the team member most closely associated with your new role to learn the initial ropes. At this point we hope you feel like a member of the team, and we will spend time ensuring that the phrase “is het al af” doesn’t scare you, it instead excites you. At the end of the 30 days we will hopefully celebrate you making it through the “proeftijd” and officially joining the team!


This is what you do next

Still here? If you are up for this, say hello and tell us what you are looking for. Send your CV via e-mail to and we will get in touch with you for making an appointment to get to know each other.


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